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The CommuniData team took active part in the STUWERTRUBEL festival on 15th September (more details). Anna Aigner and Laura Mayr, two interns in GB* 2/20, prepared an open data quest with locations to visit across Stuwerviertel, challenges to solve and prizes to take home.

70 participants completed a survey on the use of open data and social networks. The results of the survey show that the majority of participants regularly access Facebook, Instagram and Twitter from their mobile devices, primarily cell phones. Most participants are aware of the term „open data“ but do not know, where they can actually find these data.
This is a very good reason for them to meet our Open Data Expert on Facebook, the chatbot who helps to search through the Austrian open datasets using a compact mobile phone interface.

Mobility apps by Wiener Linien, WienMobil and Quando based on the data also available as Open Data, and the mobile feedback app Sag’s Wien by the City of Vienna are the three most often used apps among the Vienna-specific ones.

Check out CommuniData project on Twitter for more impressions and photos from the event.

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